Where it all started

It all started in 1975.

We were with the whole family on holiday in Switzerland at the campsite Vispertermin at Brig.

Got there around a lot and picked up occasionally some Rhinestones, including beautiful black stones with white fibers on it. Have token this back to the campsite to my parents to show what I had found. Accidentally my neighbor saw those stones and asked me if I wanted to appoint him this place. I didn’t find it no problem and told him this place. He has carved and taken everything and said that the black stones with white fibers are beautiful asbestos on Aktinoliet was. What was very special. He turned out to be a geologist of a University in Germany. He sold these pieces on the stock market and sent me an invitation to come along and have a view on his collection. Have done this and he had a nice collection. I became interested and also started collecting. He gave me many boxes with minerals and so it started.

But the distance was too far for me to visit him several times and he advised me to go to a club in my area. Thereby I learned to know people who were also collecting a long time.

In the beginning I went searching with my moped in Idar-Oberstein in Germany. I have found a lot of  beautiful pieces. The subsequent holidays went to Switzerland. To Binn in the canton of Wallis where the Lengenbach quarry is. Here I have found nice things. Also, I have been on vacation there years to search the whole area for nice minerals.

The next stage was minerals exhibitions. I had found that much so I went running mineral fairs. And I went to America to find and buy at the mines. which worked out nice. And I was also 2 more times fellow companion of a Clear Quartz mine and a Wavellite mine in Arkansas.

The most beautiful Wavellite pieces at that time went to some museums and top collectors.

Now I have a wide range of minerals from all over the world of own finds and minerals I bought at mines. I’m now also a couple of years busy collecting with Alpine minerals that I find myself and buy.

This was my short story.

2 thoughts on “Where it all started

  1. Kees Koenen says:

    Nice story, Wim! You have a beautiful and impressive website. Mieke and I are saving money to buy a very small blue calcite sphere to put in her doll’s house. Success with the business and greetings to your lovely spouse Paula!

    • Wim Princen says:

      Beste Kees en Mieke.
      Ja fijn dat jullie het mooi vinden.
      Als ik je van dienst kan zijn voor een steen van een bepaalde maat ,hoor ik het wel.
      Stuur een mail met foto,s
      groetjes wim princen

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